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World class dog training via 4 wheeler
The Treasure Coast Club is a great place to train your dogs. 7 separate training fields for club members!.

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A Private Membership Club with the

We are a private membership club. Corporate memberships and non-member hunts are available. Our "unique in the field bird handling system" offers challenging covey shooting for the serious bird hunter. Club members enjoy the services of outstanding bird dogs, professional guides, and versatile jeeps. The cover and quality of birds are second to none. Bobwhite quail, the "gentleman's
bird of the south" is our main quarry. Pheasant and chukar partridge are also available.
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Friends of a Lifetime

Benefits of Membership

• Quality bird shooting, quail, pheasant & chukar
• Several separate hunting areas
• Duck hunting at the "Old Duck Hole"
• Bass fishing on private lakes
• Dog training areas available to all members
• Field and patterning board is available.

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Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:13 am

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This is my second post on this subject. The first was a querry asking for information. Thank you NY16ga.

Keep in mind this is my opinion based on my experience during two hunts here and many hunts at several “Quail plantations in Georgia”. Two hunts should be your first clue.

1. The owner Bill Jacobs has a well-earned reputation as a dog trainer and has done an excellent job of putting together a first class HUNTING organization.
2. If you’re looking for Mule drawn wagons, go elsewhere.
3. Horseback hunts, go elsewhere.
4. Gourmet Meals, go elsewhere.
5. Fine wines go elsewhere or bring your own for after the hunt.

This is a HUNTING CLUB not a vacation resort.

If you’re looking for the best damn quail hunting experience in the south go HERE.
- Treasure Coast is focused on the hunt, the hunter, and the dogs.
- It is about the hunt not the amenities.
- Hunter’s dogs are especially welcome not just tolerated.
- There are separate fields dedicated for you to use to train your dog
- Birds are plentiful and vigorous
- And the price is a bargain, as either a member or a guest.
- And regardless of the rule limiting you to 20 ga or smaller guns, the
16 ga. is quite welcome.



This was recently posted on the 16ga.com website. Here is the link

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If you own a bird dog, this hunting club is for you!


Benelli on Assignment w/ host Joe Coogan

dr dog kennels

Kennel services for
members and
non-members at
Dr Dog Kennels,
next to the club.
7700 Martin Hwy,
Palm City, Fl 34990

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